Getting a Budget Started

I know how to Average my bills and divide them by the amount of pay periods in a year to come up with a weekly amount to put away strictly for home finance but I just cant figure out how to get it started. how to get out of this tornado where a bill comes in the mail and THEN I raise the money to pay it, or where most my utilities are a month behind, etc. I know how to make a budget on paper but how do I get it rolling when I’m behind to begin with.

How do I get an entire months worth of bill money saved up so that putting a weekly amount away for bills will give me the next months bill money at the BEGINNING of the month, So that when a bill comes in the mail I can just simply walk over to my desk…. Write the check…. seal the envelope…. and put it out in my mailbox for pick up???????????

Do you get a tax refund? If so catch up with that then, take whats left and build up with that. That’s what has allowed me to pay down alot of my debt, but still working on some old debt as well.

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