Good cccs alternatives

Thank you for your last response very helpful What are the alternatives to cccs that would help someone. I have contracted for a home (now renting) in an innercity whichh will be worth alot in a year or so. But my credit score is slowing my qualification.What program can I joiin to show good faith so I can be given a qualification. I have already found some city money based on income but to qualify for the final 70,000 is a killer. Need advise for the programs to go to.

The program is called “make more money or buy less house”. There are no easy solutions to “fix” this. If you are trying to buy something that you can’t afford (banks have formulas that work or they wouldn’t disqualify you…trust me. They want all the loans they can get) then you might just have to realize that now isn’t the time to buy that house.

The way we all got into this position (debt) is buying things today with tomorrow’s money. Nothing like a foreclosure to make sure you avoid it in the future.

Please stop and think before you stretch too thin.

You are looking at “quick fixes” and I just don’t any that are reputable.

Fixing credit or establishing credit takes some time. You just must get out of of the GRQ (get rich quick) mentality if you ever want to succeed. Sorry, I can’t help you there. Maybe there are others that would know something. Me…I stick to the tried and true.

Can a CA do a payroll garnishment? I have not had any judgment notices.

No, a CA cannot garnish your wages.

The only way your wages can be garnished is by court order. So you would have to have had a judgement against you before your wages could be garnished.

If a CA said this to you then they violated the FDCPA and you should report them to the FTC, your states Attorney General office, the BBB and other consumer organizations. If they continue to do this then sue there butts. You may just get enough money out of them to pay off yoru debts:D

I hope that this helps.

Please read the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for information on your rights and what a CA can and cannot do.

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