I apologize if I came across as accusative here

Debt freeIn my career as a salesperson for a debt settlement company I noticed that about 95% of those that were looking for help were not trying to “evade” their responsibilities. On the contrary, they were looking for a way that would get them the relief of the debt and still be able to fulfill (if not completely) their obligations.

It happens. People lose their job through downsizing, etc. They get sick or someone in the family does, etc. There are circumstances that are real (even similar) that cause them to be in a situation to need help. That’s okay in my book.

Yes, If you do get laid off and this makes only possible to pay just the essentials then yes, by all means file for bankruptcy. Try for chapter 7 if you can get, which wouldn’t be to hard if you have lost your income.

You should speak with a CCC and do their Financial course that you would required to do before a bankruptcy now.

Of course, if you could be working to handling your debts now would be best.

Sell your car and put that to your debts only if it does present a dangerous situation for you. I.e. do you need to get to work, grocery store, etc. If you were ill would you need a car to get there?

If you can do without, then do without. You will save a lot of money which could go to the debts and get you out of this mess.

Credit has its purpose, but it is a tool. Mostly it is a tool for the banks.

If you are debt free, and had no bills whatsoever (except the normal utilities and groceries, etc) and all your excess money was going into tried and proven investments, then you really wouldn’t need credit anyway.

Credit is slavery, pure and simple. Living with out its need is freedom.

It is okay to have good credit, it is stupid to USE it. Understand that and you have won the game.

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