I have the books if you want them

It was expensive and you can do what it does yourself. I found Dave Ramsey after I had signed up for Mvelopes free trial.

I recommend Dave, I cancelled Mvelopes. I don’t subscribe to Dave’s program either, nor have I gone to his Finacial Peace Universtiy class (again an expense I can not yet justify), though I have read the books and follow those . I don’t spend extra income I don’t have anymore, and I can get the info from the books and other free sources. And no I don’t order out pizza to recover the cost as is in the advertisement. 🙂 One day at a time.

The discussions on this community have given me a lot of help. I went to the Dave Ramsey site and it doesn’t tell me much unless I join for $89 a year! If I had that, I wouldn’t need him, now would I? 🙂 His plan does sound good from what others have told me about it.

Here’s our situation: We made the “if we can make the payment, we can afford it” mistake on several things. We have a mortgage and a second mortgage which we consolidated into one payment. We need to upgrade to a bigger house but can’t break even unless we pay our house down about $10K first. We have a truck payment and we just put our credit cards into one lower interest payment. We have cut expenses as much as possible, but it seems like we barely get through the month and don’t have extra to pay towards our bills let alone all the emergency funds we’re supposed to have. And then there’s the house thing. We have never had a late payment and we are making it without charging–except for Christmas! 🙁 But, it seems to be an endless cycle. My husband is working full time and it is impossible for me to work besides the work I do in the home so more income really isn’t going to work. Where should we go from here?

I don’t think we’re ready for bankruptcy, we just want to get out of debt and NEVER GET BACK IN!

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